Hi there! I'm Emma. I'm English and i’m 23 and i'm attempting to teach myself korean ~ i am in no way anywhere near fluent. I know a few people will find this helpful so i made this blog just for the Korean stuff. Enjoy :)
**credit to Pia at kaeminyoo.tumblr for the adorable drawing above** :D
Kimbap Noona's Korean Lessons :)
kakusei-heroism: oh yeah, I just stopped and thought about it, lol... sorry!
it's just because my teacher told me yesterday that you can say 내 or 나의 (but the last only when you're writing or in songs, rarely when speaking)
but I keep thinking it isn't "ye", but just "e" :( I remembered 의 is "e" in the end of the word...
am I wrong again? ): (and sorry, my english is worse when I'm tired ._. hehe)

lol its okay. i’m still learning too…i’m kinda teaching myself so sny suggestions/corrections i really appreciate. 

i think it can be ‘ye’ or ‘e’ - i hear both a lot. -__- urgh so difficult. 

kakusei-heroism: but 의 in 나의 isn't "ye", it's "wi"... it's "nawi"... isn't?

yeah - its eui which on its own is pronounced more like ‘wi’ - but with ‘naui/neoui’ its always prenounced as a ‘ye’.

i made posts before with the proper romanization but redid them with how its said. :)

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Anonymous: What does 'ottoke' mean?
I hope I'm spelling it right!^^

http://kimbapnoona.tumblr.com/post/1316142742 :) 

people also use it to say ‘what to do/what can i do/what should i do’ :D

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naji-jina-naji: Dropping by to say your blog is aweesooommeee!!
AnD you are awesoom-er cuz your self studying..I wish I had you for my tutor haha:)
how do you say thank you?do you mind posting it?:)

hi! thank you!!! :D 

already did…here: http://kimbapnoona.tumblr.com/post/1376246568

and here: http://kimbapnoona.tumblr.com/post/1463648112