Hi there! I'm Emma. I'm English and i’m 23 and i'm attempting to teach myself korean ~ i am in no way anywhere near fluent. I know a few people will find this helpful so i made this blog just for the Korean stuff. Enjoy :)
**credit to Pia at kaeminyoo.tumblr for the adorable drawing above** :D
Kimbap Noona's Korean Lessons :)
xpreciousx: How should I start learning Korean? Should I learn hangul first?

hmm, well everybody’s different but i really recommend learning hangul first. once you know how each letter is pronounced and how to read and write in hangul you don’t need to rely on romanizations - as theres so so many different ways people romanize and it can be really difficult to read :S 

i’ve recommended some sites before that are free for learning and are really helpful: 

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